5 Sure-Fire Steps for a Successful Aromatherapy Intake Interview 
Image Copyright: American College of Healthcare Sciences | Demo Intake Interview with Amanda Lattin, RA
The intake interview is a critical process in the aromatherapist / client relationship. It may even be the most important step!
To be the best aromatherapists we can be for our clients, it’s crucial to develop a systematic and structured approach to determine which essential oils to use with which client and how to measure the outcomes.
It’s important to ask and answer the question why. Why did you suggest that essential oil or blend? Asking why encourages the aromatherapist to be mindful of their professional rationale. If you have a connection to your own process, your eventual outcome will hold more meaning, help you learn, and support the client. 
And the aromatherapy client intake interview is where it all begins. It’s the “getting to know you” stage.
Having strong strategies for client intake interviews and support plans will enable you to have more useful outcomes information. You’ll be more confident when you eventually write client case study reports. 
So what does it take to have a successful intake interview? I’ll be digging deep into this subject in our upcoming Aromatherapy Boot Camp in Kona, HI this November, but if you can’t make it, here’s a quick teaser of 5 sure-fire steps to a successful aromatherapy intake interview: 

Source: info.achs.edu – Multivitamin