5 Ways to Celebrate Your Graduation from an Online College
First off, let’s start by saying, congratulations, graduates! It took a lot of hard work, sleepless nights, and sacrifices along the way to reach your goal. But look at all you’ve learned, and the fun you’ve had along the way!
Anyone that says online learning is easier hasn’t studied online. We know anxiously waiting for that grade to post, sitting down at your computer or iPad while friends and family are out having fun, and stretching your brain on a tough exam all push you to meet your edge. Now you’re finished and can give yourself a pat on the back, enjoy some TLC, and most importantly, celebrate!
If you thought being an online student meant you wouldn’t have the traditional graduation experience, well, keep reading! Not only can you have the traditional experience, with ACHS at least, but we have a ton of other fun ways that are anything but traditional for you to celebrate your achievement, whether you join us live in Portland or celebrate at home.
Like most adult students, going back to school and earning your degree has probably been a family affair. There have been a lot of people that have supported you along the way. So celebrating your graduation is the perfect time to get your support team together and share a big “hats off” with the whole team. 

Source: info.achs.edu – Multivitamin