Energize Your Holistic Health Practice with Anabolic Energy
Image Copyright: yanlev / 123RF Stock Photo
We’ve all had those days … you know, the kind where a second cup of coffee just doesn’t do the trick. If you’re like most people, greeting the morning (and everything who comes with it) may not feel like a natural talent. This makes perfect sense. Life can be stressful when our personal commitments (family, work, school, social circles) demand our attention. 
Fortunately, our thoughts and feelings under stress create actions that enable us to manage through difficult situations to the best of our ability (think about your response to phrases like “fight or flight” and “survival of the fittest”). No wonder we’re all so stressed—we are literally conditioned to feel that we are fighting for our lives, especially when we experience conflict! 
So, what can we do?

Source: info.achs.edu – Multivitamin