How to Research Wellness Careers While Still in School
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Depending on your preferences, the number of options available to you for careers in natural health and wellness seems limitless. Don’t lose hope of finding your niche! With a few, simple steps, you can find careers in natural health that exactly suit your needs.
Start your search for natural medicine careers broadly
Especially if you are just embarking on your alternative medicine studies, a basic internet search for “careers in alternative medicine” returns a treasure trove of possibilities. Natural medicine careers range from holistic nutrition consulting to natural products manufacturing, wellness coaching to holistic spa management to aromatherapy.
From there, check out your state’s Department of Labor and Industry website or the United States Department of Labor website. The US DOL site provides broad brush strokes regarding occupations in their Occupational Outlook Handbook. State sites can include more detailed career information such as occupational outlook statistics, mock interviews with healthcare professionals and statewide professional resources such as the Pennsylvania Job Gateway.
You can also checkout websites such as EHC (Explore Health Careers) to assist you in narrowing your choice of natural medicine careers.

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